July 26, 2021

The Experience


The Zaino Experience is an intimate, intense, one-in-a-lifetime two-day retreat for the most committed Chiropractors who are ready to take their practice to the next level.

Here’s the bottom line: For an investment of just $10,000, I open up my clinic and my home to you and reveal my ultimate secrets for building and maintaining a 2,400+/week patient volume, $3 million+/year, all-cash Chiropractic practice.

You watch me live in action in my clinic, and spend time with my family in our home. I answer every question, and I hold nothing back. You see and understand every component that drives my practice, and you’ll go home knowing exactly how to implement them in your own.

My wife, Whitney, and I will guide you through the entire weekend. Next to God, Whitney is the greatest secret of my success, and she’s an extremely powerful woman. She answers all your questions regarding CA, support, spousal relationships, work/life balance, nutrition, cooking, raising healthy children, whatever.

(We strongly recommend you bring your spouse, if you’re married. The price includes your spouse.)

You’re given complete access to anything you see throughout the event: videos, forms, scripts, etc. If you see it, hear it, or read it and want it, you’ll have it. All of my marketing events, power workshops, and selected staff procedures are on video for you.

Every Doctor who has ever attended raves that the Experience is an investment that pays back many-fold, and very quickly. In fact, so far every one of them has made more than a 100% return on investment — the very next day in practice!

Other highlights of the Experience include:

BONUS #1 Garrett Gunderson’s Curriculum For Wealth Program: 25 lesson step-by-step course. ($397.00 value)

Subscription to BUILD: Build your wealth, financial security, family, and lasting purpose. ($97.00 value)

BONUS #2 ($500 value): Spinal Screening Kit from Dr. Tabor Smith

BONUS #3 ($500 value) Special Talk on Influencing and Communication from Roberto Monaco

BONUS # 4 ($497 value): Call with  patient system master and life coach aka “The Patient Whisperer”.  Dr. Fred is my thought leader when it comes to the ultimate patient experience.

BONUS # 5 ($500 value) Dr. Brian Capra will talk to you on how Genesis will free up your time and make your office more efficient and profitable. He is also including my brand new patient retention videos.

BONUS # 6 ($500 value) Call with Roberto Monaco of Influenceology.  He’ll personally teach you how to effectively tell your story and lead people from the front. Roberto is my personal speaking coach.

Below is a great video of Francis Chan explaining why he opens his life to develop other leaders. It expresses my thoughts well on why I do the Zaino Experience.


The Experience starts on a Friday morning. On Friday, we cover the following:

  • Mindset, Mission, & Vision
  • Day 1/New PT
  • Doctors report of findings
  • Care plans/Financials
  • Day 3 internal revolution
  • Re-exam refocus
  • Table talk
  • How to cultivate lifetime patients
  • Patient communication
  • Creating the ideal patient
  • Internal marketing calendar
  • External marketing
  • Technique and flow

On Saturday morning, we wake early for the following:

  • See the office in action, adjusting over 100 people from 8am-9am
  • Doctors report from 9-10am. (Raved about by Doctors as the best they have heard!)
  • Q and A : noon—whenever. I am here for you, and any questions, fears, etc. This is the time to be transparent to me, so I can help you be the best you can be.


The only thing I can promise is that I will give you everything I’ve got. You need to promise me the same.

Are you committed to changing your life and practice? If so, register now for the Zaino Experience.

God bless,

Dr. Chris Zaino D.C.

Dr. Fred DiDomenico D.C. Endorses the Zaino Experience


Garrett Gunderson Endorses the Zaino Experience